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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Prayer of Protection for Dr. John Magufuli....

Dear Fellow Tanzanians and Friends,

On behalf of Tanzania Global Prayer Movement (TGPM) leadership, I take this opportunity to thank all who joined us for a whole week of prayer and fasting from Monday July 6th to Sunday July 12th. We were praying for peace in Tanzania as CCM and opposition parties were going through the election process of their respective presidential candidates. We were also praying for President Obama Executive Order on Immigration that affects some members of TGPM and other nationalities who live here in America.

My heart of gratitude go to all Tanzanians around the globe who have been praying relentlessly without fear, without ceasing or giving up for our beloved country and the people we all love and cherish … our beautiful people. Even as I write this message, nashindwa kujizuia, machozi yanalenga lenga kama mtoto mdogo aliyepigwa. To me this is personal! Mpendwa ni machozi ya furaha isiyo na kifani kwa Mungu wetu aliyehai na asiyeshimndwa. The fact that you’re praying for Tanzania, it is not your design but because of who tapped you on your shoulder and gave you the desire and strength to stand in the gap in prayer for your country. Mpendwa, it is indeed a great privilege.

I thank Mwalimu Christopher and Diane Mwakasege and their ministry for their recent powerful prayer rally in Dodoma. I thank all bishops, pastors, and ministry leaders of different denominations and individual citizen of heaven who committed themselves to prayer and have taken the political challenge of our country as their personal heavenly agenda, something they can’t sleep until they see the Arm of God ARISE and quiet the storm and silence the noise. It has been a long journey and through it, we have all tested the power of persistent prayer. My friend, our God is in the business of Answering Prayers, you better believe it!

Out Mighty God who is Mighty to Save have answered your prayers. Who could had thought that after all the deep divisions within CCM, peace will prevail after electing their presidential candidate? None! Brothers and sisters, this is an answered prayer! TGPM congratulates Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli for becoming the flag bearer, the presidential candidate for CCM. As said and pronounced many times,TGPM does not endorse any party or any presidential candidate. Our prayer is our God to elect a man or woman who have the fear of the Lord … Mungu ajiinulie mtu wake mwenye hofu ya Mungu. Whoever that be. We went further by stating, that person with a fear of the Lord may be a Christian, Moslem or Pagan. Having the fear of the Lord is the only qualification we care. Now, how do we put that into practice? We support the election process. We support whoever emerges representing any given party. For now we support Dr. Magufuli. When UKAWA finishes their process, we will also support their candidate. Finally, TGPM will support and pray for whoever wins in October general election, that is our pledge and our mandate.

All the revelations in the aftermath of CCM election process of their presidential candidate, call for urgent and continuous prayer of the divine protection of Dr. Magufuli. Remember John 10:10 … the devil’s mission through his cohorts and agents (who are real people) is to kill, destroy and steal. I call upon the entire Body of Christ and all Spiritual Leaders who happen to be Tanzanians and friends all around the globe, to get ready and get on our knees to protect Dr. Magufuli from harm through your prayers that avails much. The God, who manifested the peace we see now, will answer your prayer and protect Dr. Magufuli.

The theme for these prayers is “There is Power in the name of Jesus to Break Every Chain”. Watch the video clip below on Youtube of the song “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture, a worship group from Bethel Church in Redding, California. Also attached are the lyrics of the song.

Also attached is a prayer of divine blessings and protection for Dr. Magufuli. I urge those close to Dr. Magufuli to give to him the song above and the attached prayer entitled, “Prayer of Divine Protection and Blessing by Dr. Magufuli” so that he can also claim his own divine protection and blessing, joining the multitude all across the globe. This will be a good reminder for him knowing that the road ahead is not easy. It will take a hand of God even to survive till election day! It is not by his might or power but by the Spirit of the living God! All of us who will intercede for Dr. Magufuli, let us use the prayer in the attached document entitled, “Prayer of Divine Protection and Blessing by Intercessors”.  

All members and non-members of TGPM worldwide, please take this prayer for divine protection of Dr. Magufuli very seriously. May Dr. Magufuli be reminded of the prayer of Elisha for God to open the eyes of his servant Gehazi to see the army of God surrounding them. May the same prayer manifest in the life of Dr. Magufuli for God to open his eyes and see what Gehazi saw in 2 Kings 6:16-17.

Also please pray the Psalm 23 Blessings and Declarations over Dr. Magufuli. Those close to him, give him a copy too.

Please join us again tomorrow, Sunday July 19th as we pray for:
1)   Peace to prevail among CCM factions or groups. The groups that their candidates didn’t win to come to the grip of the importance of unity within the party for the interest of tranquility and peace in the country.
2)   Clarity, direction, peace and wisdom for UKAWA as they elect their presidential candidate.
3)   Obama Executive Order on Immigration.

To join the conference call, please dial (218) 895 9661 and passcode is 222555.  The prayer starts at9pm Eastern, 8pm central, 7pm Mountain or 6pm Pacific time.

For more information about Tanzania Global Prayer Movement (TGPM), please visit our website at:

Please forward this message to anyone you know who have a heart for Tanzania.

See you all tomorrow on the conference call. Mungu awabariki sana. May God bless Tanzania and his beloved people! Nawapenda mno mno, and most important, Jesus love you even more!

Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D.
Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, and Preacher
Tanzania Global Prayer Movement - "Praying for the Power of the Resurrected Jesus Christ, our Lord to Transform Tanzania and spring forth Personal Renewal and Community Revival."
Chicago, Illinois
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